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Join a campaign that is committed to serving all people in Bedford. Help Dan bring real change by donating, volunteering, or even just spreading the word to friends and family. Everything helps.

Daniel and his friend holding signs that says Bedford Community Activism

I'm Daniel Dong, and I need all the help I can get in running for State Representative. Can I count on you to chip in $10 to help fund this campaign?

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Dan's dog Cookie in front of a Dan Dong sign


In this modern age of politics, voters are oftentimes inundated with texts, calls, emails, and so on. I know I've definitely felt overwhelmed at times. And with COVID-19 preventing us from canvassing door to door, personal handwritten letters are one of the best ways to engage voters. That's why I'm asking you to join my letter writing campaign and help me connect with Bedford voters.

How it works

It's easy

I'll provide you a script to follow, along with anything you'll need (letters, envelopes, stamps)

In person

Every Saturday from 4-7, I'll be at Benedictine Park to write letters together (socially distant, of course)

... or at home

I will also be dropping off supplies to people to write letters at home!

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Benedictine Park • Every Sat 4-7 PM

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