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At age 18, Daniel will be among the youngest to serve in any state legislature

Back in high school, Daniel was part of a business club called DECA. As an international competition, with over 225,000 members, it was one of Dan's long time goals to win. His nights were spent late at libraries, usually reading business textbooks. He was confident that his senior year would be his winning year when all of a sudden, COVID-19 came, and all competitions were cancelled. 

Daniel was devastated, but quickly he realized that, while the virus hurt his senior year, it also hurt many other families and workers in Bedford. Knowing this, Dan found a way to do some good in light of the pandemic. He decided to use the thousands of dollars he and others in the club raised, money that would have gone for the competition, and donate it to local businesses to purchase meals for hospital workers struggling with COVID-19.

This was the moment Dan learned that, even as a student, he could make a difference. This realization motivated him to run for state representative. As a young person, he is in a unique position to amplify voices traditionally not heard in local politics. And as a first generation American, he understands the value of hard work and dedication. In the state legislature, Dan is committed to putting in the work necessary to leave an impact on his community. He will represent all Bedford citizens in the state legislature, fighting for equal opportunities for all.

This isn't the first time Dan will be making a difference in his community. He has shown, time and time again, that he has the leadership necessary to serve at the state level. As President of Bedford DECA, he planned the Taste of Bedford event, bringing together a dozen local businesses to showcase their best dishes. He also designed and marketed our town's very own Bedford-themed Monopoly board. And as President of the Bedford UNICEF chapter, he expanded the annual Trick or Treat fundraiser to raise double the money as in previous years, donating it all to UNICEF, a fund to help children around the world.

This year, Dan and others founded Bedford Community Activism, a group that is dedicated to raising awareness to both local and national issues. He worked with the local police department to plan a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration along Route 101, raised awareness about Whole Foods, and is currently advocating for more diverse curriculums in the Bedford school district.



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