Crowd Protesting

Equality for All

Back in the summer of 2013, my family moved to Bedford. We were greeted by a very welcoming community that quickly made Bedford feel like home. Despite my differences in heritage and culture, I was still treated equally. Now I'm running to represent the inclusive community that welcomed me so many years ago, to ensure that everybody is treated equally regardless of race, sexuality, beliefs, or anything else.

The Priorities


Sexual Assuault

Require college institutions to establish more comprehensive policies for dealing with sexual assault.


LGBT Protection

Defend protections in place for LGBT people, including protection from discrimination and harassment.



Shift the focus of the justice system from punishment to rehabilitation and treatment.



Reduce fines and fees associated with the criminal legal process that disproportionately harm poor and minority defendants.

Policies in Depth
Court House

How can the justice system focus on rehabilitation?

Judge and Gavel

Why should fines and fees in the legal process be reduced?

Pride Parade

How does NH protect LGBT peoples?

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