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Daniel Dong

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Meet Dan

Proud Bedford resident, community activist

A graduate of Bedford High School, Dan is the youngest candidate running for State Representative. He's committed to bringing a fresh perspective to local issues and serving the community at the state level. 

My Positions

As the son of immigrant parents, I understand that everybody deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in Bedford. This means everything from improving the education system to ensuring equality for all.



Our education system sets up the next generation for success, which is why we need to make it affordable, resilient, and equal for all NH students.

Equality For all

Bedford is a community of diverse people, values, and opinions, and I will make sure no one is treated differently because of who they are.

Voting Protection

At the foundation of our democracy is our right to vote, which is why it is so important to ensure that voting is accessible to all, especially young people.

Get involved

Find out more on how you can help out with the campaign, whether that's donating, writing letters, or putting up signs around Bedford.


Contact Me

Email: danielnhrep@gmail.com | Phone: (603) 858-4444

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